Fall 2014

News for Horse Lovers from Equine Veterinary Extension at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine

Welcome to Leg Up!, a newsletter for horse enthusiasts from equine veterinary extension at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine. This newsletter was formerly called the Equine Ledger, but we have revised the format and provided it with a new name, courtesy of one of my colleagues (Dr. Chris Sanchez). In this issue, we've featured an article about creeping indigo plant toxicity, an update on the UF Large Animal Technical Rescue, and more.

As a fall reminder, don’t forget about booster vaccinations! Call your veterinarian and be sure your horse is protected against Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. Fall is also an important time for a fecal exam to monitor for parasites. Florida horse owners generally do not need to deworm in the summer months because the heat is not conducive to egg survival and transmission, but October is the perfect time to be sure you are on an appropriate parasite control program.  

We also want to announce our 7th Annual Healthy Horses Conference on Saturday, April 25, 2015!  Please save the date!  We did not host Healthy Horses in 2014, as I was just returning from maternity leave. We are all excited for the program and the return of familiar faces for next spring. Healthy Horses is an educational day with a focus on successful equine health care. The day includes lectures, lunch and live equine demonstrations. The presenters will predominantly be the board certified faculty of UF’s Large Animal Hospital, and a brief summary folder of the lectures will be provided to all attendees. We hope to have some of the same fantastic sponsors as last year’s event, with door prizes as well! The University of Florida is dedicated to improving owner education and hope you will make this an annual event. It is a wonderful opportunity to see our hospital facility and meet veterinarians from all of our services.

Please be sure to also visit the UF Veterinary Extension website for additional equine event information. We hope to see you in April! 


Amanda M. House, DVM, DACVIM (Large Animal)
Clinical Associate Professor
Large Animal Clinical Sciences


Animal Technical Rescue Update

The UF VETS Team has been involved in several high risk, high reward technical rescues since developing its technical rescue skills in support of local emergency management.

Poisonous Pasture Plants

Be watchful of these potentially toxic pasture plants and make sure your horse, cattle, goats, poultry, and dogs do not have access to them.

Creeping Indigo Toxicity

View photos of and learn about creeping indigo toxicity in Florida.

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Equine Lecture Series

Mark your calendars and save your Tuesday evenings for the UF/IFAS Lake County Extension Equine Lecture Series in Eustis, Florida!  

Healthy Horses 2015

Registration is available for our full-day of veterinary education to help keep your horses healthy. Speaker information coming soon!

Weanling pony foals are now for sale! 

These foals are the products of our pony herd at the Large Animal Hospital and are looking for loving and approved homes. Click for photos & info.